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    In all cases, the neoplasm is subject to histological examination. The most effective operation of this type is electrosurgical hysteroresectoscopy. Treatment, after removal of the polyp, is to conduct anti-inflammatory therapy using antibacterial agents and antibiotics, taking into account the results of sowing the material on the sensitivity of microflora to them.

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    Antiviral and immunomodulatory drugs are also prescribed. Such treatment is carried out in order to completely eliminate the bacterial flora and infectious pathogens that are sexually transmitted from the genital tract. In addition, hormonal therapy and treatment of concomitant diseases are carried out in the presence of relevant disorders.

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    When a histological examination confirms the presence of adenomatous changes, patients of reproductive age should be examined by a gynecologist and examined every six months for 5 years. Is surgery necessary for an adenomatous endometrial polyp?

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    Depending on the severity of precancerous changes, some authors distinguish adenomatous polyps with: a simple unsharp form of change; complex pronounced forms.

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    Adenomatous polyp of the endometrium with malignancy in adenocarcinoma (a malignant tumor of glandular epithelial structures) develops in simple forms without treatment on average in 8%, and in the case of severe forms - in 29%.

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Prednisone of risk of malignant transformation increases in the presence of concomitant chronic inflammatory processes in the uterus and appendages, hormonal and metabolic disorders - polycystic ovary syndrome, estrogen-producing tumors, diabetes mellitus, obesity, liver dysfunction, hypertension, etc. Therefore, removal of the uterus with an adenomatous endometrial polyp (supravaginal amputation of the uterus) is carried out in cases of recurrence of education against the background of atrophic processes in the endometrium, the presence of concomitant foci of adenomatosis or other pathological changes in the uterine mucosa. If the disease is detected in premenopausal women or it is accompanied by pathological changes in the cervix, the uterus is extirpated (removal of the body of the uterus along with the cervix), and, most often, with appendages.

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Radical surgical treatment prevents transformation into one of prednisone of adenocarcinoma and its metastasis.

Adenomatous polyp of the rectum - causes, symptoms and treatment.

Polyp prepresents an elevation above the level of the mucous membrane of a hollow organ.

This is a benign neoplasm that has a different histological structure. Adenoma polyps of the rectum are associated with a high risk of developing a malignant tumor. They are considered precancerous conditions.

It is likely that they will develop into colorectal cancer. For this reason, when an adenomatous polyp of the rectum is detected, the proctologists of the Yusupov hospital suggest that the patient remove it.

Doctors of the department of proctology are fluent in all methods of prednisone interventions on the rectum. Surgeons masterfully perform endoscopic and abdominal operations. Patients undergo a comprehensive preoperative examination, which allows to identify all contraindications to the operation and avoid complications. Sometimes proctologists perform an operation after the patient has been cured of a comorbidity.

Types of adenomatous polyps of prednisone. Approximately 50% of people on Earth by the age of sixty have at least one adenomatous polyp of the rectum with a diameter of one centimeter or more. Multiple adenomatous polyps in most cases lead to adenomatous polyposis. Proctologists distinguish three types of adenomatous polyps of the rectum:

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